The Event: The Beginning

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Author: Lee Thomas
especially with all this craziness going on. No one had any idea what to do, how to do it, or where to go. I tried to alleviate all of their fears and doubts, but this was an insane situation. Sure, we had movies, and books about a zombie apocalypse, but no one ever really seriously thought we would be living it. A few actually thought this was some kind of government plan. Almost everyone in this room had already lost someone to either looters or attacks of the infected.
                  I broke the meeting up after informing everyone I wanted to start packing at six a.m. and be on the road by eight. I figured it would be a least a four day trip to Virginia with having to avoid infected, bands of looters, plus having to search for gas along the way. I had got a hold of my cousins in Missouri and they should be ready to go when we passed by there to get them. Also, my friends Dawn and Tony from Texas should be meeting us in Virginia. Dawn has family near the area we were going to, and they were supposed to be going there to meet them. The plan for them was to find some shortwave or CB radios, and wait for us to get close enough with our own and make contact with them. We would then link up with however many people they had saved and start my ultimate plan.
                  I made my way back down to the lab to scout outside and get my stuff packed up. I made my way to the back wall and jumped up on the counter, crouching to avoid being seen if anyone was out there. The moon was out, and it was a fairly clear night, so there was quite a bit of natural light. I didn't see anyone out there, or even any animals. Our cars were still in the parking lot, seemingly untouched. Tomorrow morning we would pull eight of them around to the back and hook them up to the tow hitches we had on the RV's to take with us. They would make handy supply storage, as well as being able to post guards in them to help watch.
                  After watching for about twenty minutes, and not seeing anything, I hopped down and began packing my things. I had several tubs and big gym bags which were more than enough. I didn't really have much, a few changes of clothes, some mementos, my weapons. I had more swords than I could use or carry at one time, but it was always good to have backups. I did carry one Walther PK380 handgun, but I didn't like using it much. I was pretty good with it, but I wasn’t a big gun fan.
                  I got everything packed up, then placed all my bags and tubs by the front door to be picked up and taken out later. I then went and laid down to try to get a little sleep before the organized, I hope, chaos tomorrow.

Chapter 2
    May 1st, 2018
                  I woke up to Jeff shaking me. I looked at my phone, which with no service was really only an alarm clock now, and saw it was a few minutes before five a.m. It would have been going off then anyways.
                  "What is it?" I asked, sitting up and rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I swung my feet over the side and started looking for my boots.
                  "Nothing, it's just time to get up and about. You're the one who set the six am timeline to start packing. I figured you would want to set an example.” he chuckled, laughing at me. He knew I wasn't that much of a morning person.
                  I shot him a nasty look, which only made him laugh harder. I got dressed, put my sword belt on and got the dolly to put the tubs on. I put both tubs on it, then the two gym bags on top of that and wheeled it out the door. I placed my stuff by the front door, as I was going to put it in my car, which was one of the ones to be towed behind a RV.
                  Jeff left to go wake up Michelle and the girls, who were not morning people at all. I did not envy him that task. I went to the second floor hallway to the front of the building where there were several windows looking
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