The Event: The Beginning

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Author: Lee Thomas
operational communication equipment.
                  Everyone started shuffling out, interrupting my thoughts, so I headed for the front door to load my things into my car and get it ready for towing. Several others were also loading their cars, so we went as a group across the street. Once the RV's were loaded, they were supposed to pull around for the cars. By the time we had all loaded our cars, the first of them pulled around the corner. It took us until about eight thirty to get everything loaded and have the cars hooked up. Once we did, Jeff, Shayne, myself, and four others took one last run through of the hospital, making sure we didn't leave anything behind of use or a clue where we were going. Not finding anything, we then got in our respective vehicles and took off.
                  I decided to make one stop before really headed out. There was a Wal-Mart in Glenpool, right at the junction of highway 117 and 75. We stopped there for any supplies that hadn't already been looted. I had Jeff pull around to the tire and lube center and we loaded up as many tires as we could for the RV's and other cars. Spare parts for the vehicles, oil change supplies, lights, anything we could think of that was still there we grabbed. Most of the food was gone or rotten, as well as guns and ammo, but some camping supplies were left along with a few batteries. We grabbed whatever we could find and loaded it up in the rig. I had a team siphon gas out of what cars were in the parking lot while were inside as well.
                  We then headed north on highway 75 out of Glenpool, heading for I-44 to head towards Branson for my family. Others had family also along 44, so it seemed a good route to take. We would also eventually link up to I-40, from which we could hit several other towns people needed to go to. I figured we would have enough gas to get there easily in one shot, but we would scrounge for gas whenever the opportunity presented itself. We made several short stops at various stores along the way; Sam's, for food and household supplies; Dick's Sporting Goods for bows, crossbows, arrows, camping gear, etc.; Lowes for anything we could use there; even a video game store or two so we could stock up on entertainment for the kids.
                  It was pretty uneventful for the most part, no major roadblocks, or infected herds. We did see one or two infected here and there, but they didn't seem to take notice of us. A few stalled cars were on the road and we stopped to siphon the gas out of them as much as we could get. None of them had anything else of use to us though. We made it all the way to the border with no real issues, and since we were good on gas for the moment, I decided to push on to Springfield, MO.
                  We stopped at a truck stop in Springfield around noon for a rest and to look for supplies. I had a few guys go siphon gas out of the tanks just to top us off, while several of us went inside to see what was left. The whole place was pretty wrecked; food was gone, or trashed. There was really not anything left, but a few small blankets, a couple of pocket knives, and some various car accessories. After pulling what gas we could, we all piled into the building just to get out of the vehicles for a bit. We stayed for about an hour, stretching our legs and getting ready for the next leg of the trip.
                  We loaded back up without seeing any infected or looters. We then headed south on highway 65 towards Branson. With any luck we should be able to get to my cousins place and pick them up along with my dad and brother by three. A few miles north of Branson, we encountered a small road block of several stalled and abandoned cars. We stopped the convoy and took it in. I got out, along with about 15 others, including Jeff, and surveyed the block.
                  "Think you can push them out of them way?" I asked Jeff. I
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