Hold Me Close

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Author: Eliza Gayle
supposed to be a punishment. Except the lines had blurred long ago between them, and he didn't doubt they were both being punished now.  
    "Tell me again what you want. Give me the words I want to hear right goddamned now, Bonnie."
    Her eyes flew open at his harsh tone. They weren't completely focused but she understood. He knew she did. Otherwise she would have already asked him to fuck her with a toy. It was her favored method for orgasm. A toy in the pussy, a toy in the ass, his mouth on her clit. He smiled. The emptiness had to be killing her.  
    "I told you," she said, growling at him this time.
    He smacked her pussy with the flat of his hand, stinging them both.  
    "I told you I wasn't in the mood for your mouth tonight little girl. Now grow up and tell me the fucking truth."  
    She lifted her head and looked at him, tears shining in her eyes. Damn. His dick got harder.  
    "You aren't being very nice tonight."  
    "Nice wasn't part of our negotiations. Now stop stalling and do what I asked."
    Her head dropped back to the table. "I don't know what you want me to do."
    Dex took two steps away from the table and started to remove his clothes. A few days ago, he had realized that not once in all of their times together had he ever fully undressed. "Look at me," he said.
    Her head turned slowly toward him, her eyes growing big as she saw him draw down his pants and slide them from his legs. He wanted her to see how much he wanted her. Sear it into her memory if that's what it took.  
    "You're so beautiful."  
    His head jerked up. He hadn't expected that. Between the scars and the almost full body of tattoos, he was as far from beautiful as a man could be.  
    Without taking his gaze from hers, he reached into his bag and drew out a condom. She watched, riveted, as he ripped it open and sheathed his cock with the latex. She licked her lips and his body went rigid. Jesus fucking Christ. He stalked forward, his only thought of getting inside her. He not only wanted to make her come, he wanted her to do it on his dick. Between her legs, he grabbed himself and rubbed her wet flesh. She had to comply.
    "Say it, Bonnie. Fucking say it."
    She bit down on her lip and moaned. "I can't," she whined.
    His left hand grabbed her hip and pressed her down onto the table. "Liar. You can and you will. It's time." Poised at her entrance he waited to die from the sheer heat searing his tip. Whether she gave in or not didn't matter, either way he was screwed. And not in a good way.
    "Do you know how long I've waited for this? This sure as hell didn't start when you walked into this room tonight or when you asked for my help." He felt her muscles tense under his hand. "This started that very first night when you climbed onto my cross and your Dom asked me to whip you."
    Dex eased a finger inside her pussy and twisted his hand so he could rub the bundle of nerves hiding from him. Her eyes fluttered open and closed. "You weren't supposed to like it then were you? Jim wanted you punished and instead you fucking loved my whip. You came so hard you cried. Wailed like a baby in fact." He found the patch he sought and her body tried to buck against his hold. "You fooled him, but not me, Bonnie girl. I tasted those tears of frustration and guilt that night. That's not something a man ever forgets. So that, stubborn sub, is how long I've waited for this."
    The tears shining in her eyes began to fall silently down the sides of her head. As much as he wanted to lick them away he resisted. She had to get this out or she'd never be able to move on. The guilt would eat her alive if she didn’t.
    "Did you ever tell him the truth about that night?"
    She shook her head the tears streaming harder now.
    "And that shames you?"
    Her nostrils flared before her eyes popped open and she screamed at him. "Yes, goddammit. Are you happy now? I didn't want to talk about the past, but you just won't let it go. Now you've ruined this for me. Is that what you
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