Desire (#5)
eyes filled with tears.
    For the first time, I felt positive about this pregnancy. It was good news, and in seven months’ time, Benjamin and I would probably look back and laugh over my reluctance to tell him earlier.
    “I thought, as you haven’t told anyone yet, I’d be the first to offer my congratulations. Why don’t you have a chocolate?” he asked. “You’ve got to keep your blood sugar up now you’re pregnant.”
    Well, why not, I thought, and started to unwrap the gold paper. I offered him a chocolate first.
    “Certainly not,” he said. “I’m not the type of man to give chocolates, then eat them all himself.” He grinned at me.
    I bit into a chocolate praline and groaned. “They are delicious, Colin. Are you sure you won’t change your mind?”
    He waved me away, and I ate a second, savouring the feeling of the soft chocolate melting on my tongue.
    Then I noticed the waves edging ever closer to the rocks we were sitting on. “I think the tides coming in,” I said. “We should probably make our way back.”
    I stuffed the box of chocolates and card back into the carrier bag.
    Colin leaned back casually. “The tide’s turning, but we still have ages before it comes in.”
    “Well, if you’re sure,” I said and gazed out at the grey waves foaming on the shore just a few feet away.
    “Okay, we’ll go back. I can tell you’re a little nervous.”
    I shrugged. “I’ve just heard horror stories about people getting trapped by the tide.”
    “Mrs. Wicker, no doubt?”
    I nodded.
    “Ah, well. She hasn’t been down here for years. You’re safe with me, Kate. I’d never put the future of the Easton family at risk,” he said, getting to his feet, and holding out his hand to help me up.
    His words hit home. My baby would be a part of the Easton family, part of Benjamin’s grandfather’s bitter legacy. I rested a hand on my stomach. This was my baby too, and I planned to give it so much love and affection. The Easton family greed could never corrupt that.
    “Tell you what,” Colin said. “Do you want to have a quick look inside the cave before we go back?”
    I hesitated, looking back at the approaching waves.
    “Won’t take long,” Colin said. “Benjamin wrote a message on one of the walls when we were boys. I’d like to see if it’s still there.”
    I smiled imagining a young Benjamin, jeans rolled up, exploring the caves with Colin. What could it hurt to take a quick look? It wouldn’t take long.
    I followed Colin inside the narrow crevice.
    I blinked into the darkness.
    “It’s a little cramped at the beginning, but it soon widens out. Here, take my hand.”
    I was glad to take Colin’s hand. The darkness unnerved me. I could barely see further than the tip of my nose.
    The sound of the breaking waves sounded distant and muffled in here. There was another sound too, a low gurgling. I looked around, but I couldn’t see anything. I had no idea where the noise originated from.
    The smell of old, decaying seaweed was strong in here and turned my stomach.
    I stumbled a little and had to cling on to Colin’s arm to stop myself falling. I felt woozy. What was wrong with me?
    “I think we should go back,” I said. My voice didn’t sound right. My tongue felt too big for my mouth, and my lips felt numb. “I don’t think this is very safe.”
    “It’s only just around the next corner,” Colin said, tugging me forward.
    I stumbled along for a few more steps on the uneven rocky floor.
    “Duck your head, Kate. It’s just through here.”
    We emerged into a stunning little cave with salt deposits gleaming on the rock surface. The light was much better in here, although I couldn’t see any light source. The hard slimy rock gave way to soft sand, which felt so much better beneath my feet.
    Crystal clear water lapped the edge of the sand. The air felt fresher and cleaner. I took a deep breath, trying to clear my head of the dizzy sickness.
    “Over here, Kate.”
    I turned to see
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