Be Careful What You Wish For
attracted to me because of my clothing or makeup choices, all the better.  I didn’t need to take this assignment so seriously, but I was falling prey to it all and I felt awful for it.  That was how I managed to power through it.  I only had to convince Fay that I was trying to seduce her husband.
    And that’s why I chose to look hot.  One of my roommates , Lindsey, got home from class and popped in my room to tell me about her exam.  She was a senior and so she attended more classes than I did, but she seemed to want my advice on a lot of fronts.  I was okay with that because Lindsey was a sweet girl.  But she walked in my room, ready to plop on my bed, and saw all the clothes strewn over it.  “Whacha doin’?”
    “Trying to figure out what to wear tonight.”  I didn’t want to tell her what my awful plans were.
    “Oh.  For what?”  She smiled then, her pale face lit up by the twinkle in her green eyes.
    She might prove to be helpful, though, so I told her a half truth.  “I’m going to the bar.  I need to get laid.”
    Her eyes got wide and she laughed, tossing her head back and lying on the bed, her blonde mane splayed beneath her.  “It’s about time.  God.  I thought you’d never get over Robb.  What a dick.”
    I nodded, feeling the wry smile on my face.  “You got that right.”
    “Ooh.  Can I come with you?  I wouldn’t mind a little fun myself.”
    That …that would wreck my plans.  Fay was planning to be there too, and I also knew having a wing girl in this situation would spell bad news.  Then you have the whole solidarity thing, all or nothing—either you and a friend take me and my girlfriend or we walk.  Also, I knew Lindsey.  The girl didn’t drink very often, so when she did, she felt it…and she was a sloppy drunk.  Most times, I didn’t mind, but I couldn’t afford to babysit that night.  I was on a mission.  There was also one added potential drawback—if Kage found my friend attractive, he might completely overlook me, and Lindsey wasn’t the sort of girl to fuck a married guy.
    Of course, I wasn’t either.
    But she didn’t have the worries, nor the mission, that I did.  She had no reason to push the envelope a little, especially since she had a part-time boyfriend.  Like I’d told Fay in one of our texts, I didn’t plan to rape the guy or go overboard, throwing myself at him if he was obviously not attracted, but if there was even an inkling…I’d give it a shot.  That was all I could do.  And as long as Fay was satisfied that I’d done my best, that was all that mattered.
    Lindsey would screw things up beyond belief.
    “Sweetie, normally, I’d say yes .  You know that, right?  But…I want to be a little out of my element, out of my shell, and I’m going to be a little bolder than usual.”
    I saw her face drop.  “Oh.”
    I sat next to her on the bed.  “What if I promise to make it up to you?  You know—you and me, wherever you want, next week sometime?”
    She put on as happy a face as she could muster.  “Yeah, I guess that’ll be all right.”  She sat up again.  “So, can I help you with your outfit for tonight?”
    “I would love your help.”
    She looked again at all the clothes scattered on the bed.  “Some of this is nice…”  I could hear the doubt in her voice.
    “I want to look like a slut.  Can you help me?”
    Her eyes grew wide , but then she smiled and started giggling.  “With this stuff?  I believe I can, girlfriend!”

    Chapter Four
    LATER THAT NIGHT, I was in a different bar (just a couple of blocks away from the one that employed me).  I was wearing a black vinyl miniskirt and a snug red tank with black thigh high boots that matched the skirt.  My makeup was a little heavier than usual (okay, a lot heavier), and I wore my hair down.  I knew I looked good, but I hoped I didn’t look too skanky.  I didn’t want to be a complete turnoff.
    No…it would be good if I
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