Be Careful What You Wish For
up quickly.  Maybe I’d try to negotiate that later.  But my thought with blowing more money on multiple drinks was this:  If the guy whose attention I was trying to get was blowing me off, maybe I’d have to get his friends’ attention instead.  This time when the waitress took the beers to them and the guys started to look over, I was already on my way to their area in the bar.  No way I was going to try to put a little extra sway in my step, because I’d likely fall over in those tall boots.  It would have helped the image, but falling on my ass wouldn’t.  It wasn’t worth the risk.
    When I arrived at my destination, I didn’t look the hot guy named Kage in the eyes…not yet.  He’d had his chance, and now I had to play a little hard to get.  So I looked over at the tallest guy and said, “You guys looked a little parched.”
    “We were, little lady.  What did we do to deserve this attention?”
    I smirked, not ready to give up my secret yet.  So I shrugged, trying to appear coy and teasing.  “Let’s just say I hate drinking alone.”  I got closer to the tall guy with long brown hair and said, “Mind if I watch you guys play?  I mean…it seems like this is kind of a guys’ night, but…”
    “I’m cool with it.”  He spoke with authority as though he were speaking for the other guys.  But the smiling guy with long blonde hair and the guy with short spiky blonde hair didn’t seem to mind, either.  In fact, I caught the spiky blonde guy checking me out when I looked over.  But the guy I was here for…I was pretty sure his wife had it all wrong.  He was avoiding me like I had Ebola and examining the table so he could set up his next shot.
    “I guess I should introduce myself.  I’m Jessica.”
    The spiky blonde guy came around the pool table and offered his hand.  “Jason.”  I took it and he seemed reluctant to let it go.  Maybe my plans had worked too well.  “The big tall guy there is Mark, and the dude next to him we call Diesel.  Mr. Quiet’s name is Kage.”  I shook Mark’s hand—nice and warm—followed by Diesel, and then turned and Kage was finally looking at me.  And that did it.  I felt like I was going to melt.  Jesus.  His eyes were warm, almost caressing, and even though he still seemed reserved, I could tell he wasn’t as big a dick as he’d first acted.  In fact, when he took my hand in his, he held mine firmly but not hard.  It felt almost possessive, and I could tell my smile was waning as my eyes searched his.  Aha .  So he was interested.  I felt then like I wouldn’t be able to catch my breath.
    But he was still going to play shy.  Mark said, “We’re just gonna keep on playing.  You can watch if you want.”
    Jason grinned, continuing to stand next to me.  “I just hope you bring me a little luck.”  I stood back a little and watched them play a while .  I’d definitely wrecked whatever flow they’d had going.  I was a fifth wheel.  I didn’t feel unwelcome, though; in fact, I felt a little like a princess whose attention they were trying to steal, but they were having to adjust to the feel I brought to the group.  I hadn’t counted on the group testosterone factor, but when Kage had blown me off, I’d hoped to use it to my advantage.  I was now hoping I hadn’t overplayed my hand.
    As I stood watching them for the next few minutes, I was starting to feel like I was failing at my mission.  By the same token, I didn’t want to just drape myself on hot guy Kage.  I knew that if I came on too strong, I would blow it.  The guy was married and was trying to stay faithful, and if he wasn’t, he’d hit on me before the night was over.
    So I came up with a plan.  I needed to spend most of the time flirting with someone else, and I chose Jason.  Jason was a cutie with this spiky blonde hair and striking blue eyes, but he wasn’t my type, especially when there was a rocker type like Kage around.  Still…I decided to
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