The Upside-Down Day

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Book: The Upside-Down Day Read Online Free PDF
Author: Beverly Lewis
    Miss Hershey grabbed Leslie’s hand as they left the classroom. She was still holding it when the line formed away from the building.
    Abby watched closely. Why would Miss Hershey hold Leslie’s hand?
    â€œIs the school on fire?” yelled Jason.
    Ellen held on to Honey’s harness. “I hope not,” she said.
    â€œJust think, if the alarm hadn’t sounded, Honey might’ve saved our lives,” said Eric.
    â€œBecause Honey smelled the smoke!” said Abby.
    â€œWow,” said Stacy. “I’m impressed.”
    In the front of the line, Leslie stared back at them.
    But Abby smiled at her. “Leslie’s watching us,” she whispered to Ellen, who was petting her dog.
    â€œI definitely know her secret,” Ellen said slowly. “But first, I have a riddle for her .”
    Miss Hershey left the line to talk to another teacher.
    â€œGet Leslie in line with us,” Abby whispered.
    â€œOK,” Dunkum said. “I’ll get her.”
    Soon Leslie came running over.
    â€œEllen says she knows your secret,” Abby chanted.
    Leslie put her hands on her hips. “Really?”
    Ellen coughed. “Who is the mother of Jesus?”
    Leslie looked puzzled. “Everybody knows that. What does Mary in the Bible have to do with my secret?”
    â€œWho was Mary in the Christmas play at Grace Church two years ago?”
    Leslie’s face went white. “How should I know?” she stuttered.
    â€œBecause you were Mary in the Christmas play,” said Ellen.
    â€œHow do you know that?” Leslie asked.
    â€œI have a good memory,” Ellen replied.
    â€œBut you didn’t see me, did you?” said Leslie.
    â€œNo, but I heard you say your lines,” said Ellen. “So did my cousin, Dunkum.”
    â€œReally?” Leslie asked. “You remember my voice?”
    â€œI sure do,” Ellen said.
    Abby could not picture the mother of Jesus with stubby pigtails.
    â€œYou’re right,” said Leslie. “I was Mary. But that’s not my secret. What else do you know about me?”
    Ellen said, “Well, you had a different last name then.”
    Abby started adding up the clues. She checked them off in her head.
    1. Miss Hershey winked at Leslie.
    2. Leslie stayed inside with Miss Hershey during recess.
    3. She moved her desk close to Miss Hershey’s.
    4. Miss Hershey knew Leslie’s secret.
    5. Miss Hershey owed Leslie money. She knew where Leslie’s coin purse was.
    6. Miss Hershey grabbed Leslie’s hand during the fire alarm.
    Abby thought it over and over. Like a good detective. She scratched her head. The clues all led to one person—their teacher.
    â€œI’ve got it!” Abby shouted. “You’re Miss Hershey’s niece or cousin or something!”
    Eric said, “No way! Leslie doesn’t look anything like Miss Hershey.”
    â€œMaybe she’s adopted,” Stacy suggested.
    Leslie looked surprised. “That’s it! All of you are right.”
    â€œWe are?” said Stacy, grinning.
    There were some unanswered questions. Like any super sleuth, Abby refused to leave any loose ends.
    â€œWhy is your last name Groff and not Hershey?” Abby asked.
    â€œI made up the name Groff,” Leslie said, giggling. “Just for today.”
    â€œWhat about your father? Is he really a king?” Abby demanded.
    â€œOh, that,” said Leslie. “I wanted to lead you astray.”
    â€œI knew it!” Abby said. “You tricked us on purpose.”
    Eric objected. “But that wasn’t a fair clue.”
    â€œClues are clues,” said Leslie. “Some lead you off the track.”
    Abby wished Leslie were nicer about the whole thing.
    â€œWhy doesn’t Dunkum remember Leslie?” Abby asked Ellen.
    â€œWell, he should have . . . because he was Joseph!” Ellen laughed. “I told you Dunkum is
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