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Book: Summer Magic Read Online Free PDF
Author: Rochelle Alers
    Domino whined and wiggled, trying to free himself of her protective hold. She put him down on the porch, and he sniffed along the boards, his tiny black nose examining his new world.
    The screen door opened and closed slowly with a soft click, and Caryn knew without turning around that Logan stood behind her.
    “Don’t ever do that to me again,” she warned him softly.
    “Did you get a sick thrill out of teasing that boy?”
    She went completely rigid, then rose slowly to her feet. Standing this close to Logan made her realize that he towered over her by at least six or seven inches. She was five-five and he had to be at least six-one or two.
    “For your information, I wasn’t teasing him. I was just being polite.”
    Logan’s sweeping black eyebrows nearly met as he frowned at her. “Polite!” he drawled. “The boy wanted to show you some
action, Caryn. Do I have to spell out what kind of action he was talking about?”
    Sweeping off her sunglasses, Caryn turned her back. “It would never come to that.”
    “You tell Chris the Golden Lover that. He was salivating every time you leaned over to take something out of your shopping cart.”
    Glancing down at the front of her sundress, she realized quite a bit of cleavage
visible if she leaned over. And that meant Logan had also gotten an eyeful as he stood over her.
    Spinning around, she rose on tiptoe. “Jealous, Mr. Logan?”
    His gaze fixed on her mouth. He shifted an eyebrow. “Not of a boy, Miss Edwards.”
    A smile crinkled her eyes. “You could’ve fooled me.”
    Throwing back his head, Logan let loose with a deep peal of laughter. He was still laughing when a young couple in an ancient Volkswagen Beetle pulled up in front of the house. He dropped an arm over Caryn’s shoulders and waited until the two college students climbed out of the car.
    A tall, lanky man extended his hand as he climbed the half dozen steps to the porch. “Mr. Logan, I’m Steven Shelton and this is my twin sister, Stephanie. My grandfather said you needed someone to clean up for you for the summer.”
    Logan shook Steven’s hand and nodded to his sister. “Forget about the mister and call me Logan.” His arm slipped from Caryn’s shoulder to her waist. “And this is Caryn.”
    “Mrs. Logan,” Steven and Stephanie chorused in unison.
    “I’m not—” she protested quickly, not wanting them to believe she was Logan’s wife, but he interrupted her.
    “Caryn and I would like you to come at least three times a week to dust, clean the bathrooms, and keep everything in order. I don’t care how long it takes you to get everything done as long as it’s done well. The pay will be the same whether it takes you an hour or four hours.”
    Stephanie, as tall and lanky as her red-haired, green-eyed brother, said, “When do you want us to start?”
    “How about now?”
    “Good!” they said in unison.
    Caryn waited until they returned to their battered car before she rounded on Logan. “What do you think you’re doing?”
    “I’m making certain you won’t have to clean up after me.”
    “You didn’t have to go and hire help,” she argued.
    “That’s where you’re wrong, Caryn.” His strong fingers tightened slightly on her waist before he released her. “I’ve never cleaned up after myself. And now that I’m thirty-five, I think it’s a little too late to learn.”
    The admission told Caryn more than she needed to know about the man she would spend the summer with. There was no doubt Logan was privileged.
    Her curiosity piqued, she wanted to know exactly who he was, where he had come from, and why his wedding was canceled a week before he was to be married.
    The Shelton twins returned to the house carrying mops, brooms, and a box filled with cleaning supplies.
    Logan dropped a kiss on the top of Caryn’s head. “Come, sweetheart, tell the kids what you want them to do first.”
    She glared at him before making her way into the house to direct the
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