Rock Star Rebel (Rising Rock Star)

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Book: Rock Star Rebel (Rising Rock Star) Read Online Free PDF
Author: Emily Kee
after a wild romp. “What just happened?” Sadie asked, her mind spinning.
    “Glad I’m not the only one that felt the earth move,” Simon answered, and then pulled the naked woman closer.
    “I need food,” she smiled. “I demand nutrition,” she giggled.
    Simon ran his hand along the length of Sadie’s torso, letting his hand rest on her hip. “Then the queen shall be fed,” he said. Rolling towards the nightstand, he grabbed the room service guide so they could flip through and decide what to order.
    “Mmm, turkey club, no tomatoes,” she started, “and a cold beer.”
    “Really?” He laughed, “That’s what I usually get too.”
    “Fun,” she grinned. She liked being around him more than she wanted to. This was a mistake, and yet she couldn’t untangle the mess she was making. She wanted to stay, wanted to be around him, and needed to feel him penetrating her again. She hadn’t felt that kind of spark and magic with someone in a long time – and while it was bad news to play with him, she wanted another taste – just one more.
    When the phone rang, she rolled to answer it. Simon was in the bathroom, so Sadie grabbed it, “Hello?”
    His voice was tense, “I see you made it,” Bobby said.
    “Yeah, we’re here.” Suddenly she was slapped back to reality.
    “Is he around?”
    “He’s in the bathroom.”
    “Sadie, never mind…”
    “He can’t know about us, that we…” he trailed off.
    “It never happened.” She answered.
    “Good, I’m glad we see eye to eye. Tell him to call me.”
    “Will do,” she said and then hung up the phone. It was different with Bobby. She had no interest in him, wasn’t attracted to the guy, but he was the key to the tour. He was her “in”, and she did what she had to do. Thank goodness he didn’t want more. It was only awkward some of the time, but there were no feelings on either side. It was a trade, and they both knew it. There were no illusions.
    Simon came out of the bathroom, “Who was on the phone?”
    “It was Bobby; he wants you to give him a shout.”
    “Later, I’m hungry,” was his only other response. “Hope the food gets here soon.”
    After the grub finally arrived, they sat in bed talking and eating. Sadie liked him more than she thought she would. He wasn’t who she’d pictured. He was actually pretty normal underneath – and more guy next door than rock star. That threw her for a loop. She wanted to think of him as arrogant, childish, and difficult to be around, but honestly when he let his guard down, he was actually sweet and funny. Sadie almost didn’t want the night to end.
    “Did you save room for dessert?” Simon grinned and pulled his temporary lover on top of him. “Sit on me,” he coaxed, wanting her to ride his cock so he could watch as her breasts bounced and swayed side to side as he thrust from below.
    Sleeping here was going to be a mistake, she knew it. She should get her own room. One night, that’s what she promised him, but nothing more. The sooner she was in her own room, the better. In fact, the bus would be here tomorrow, and then she’d be able to hide in her little corner of the world until the next gig. 
    “Simon,” Sadie said, breathing ragged as he thrust from below. “That feels so good,” she continued, “but I need to go after this.”
    “Where are you going in such a hurry,” he said, slamming his hips into her. “Shhh, stop talking.”
    Leaning in closer, she laid on his chest, lifting her hips. Their lips met, and Simon’s pumping slowed down. Sweet, soft kisses turned to passionate ones. “Sadie,” he whispered between them, “stay with me tonight.”
    “Just tonight,” she muttered as they finished their heated act.
    Curling into his arms, the sheets tangled in their legs, Simon started to sing softly. Listening to him serenade her, his words soft, his strong arms wrapped around her, Sadie realized she didn’t want to leave his side.

    When the
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