Love and Chemistry

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Book: Love and Chemistry Read Online Free PDF
Author: Cheryl Dragon
Tags: Contemporary Erotic Romance
you not want to fuck me?” Her lips quivered.
    He kissed her. “I want to fuck you so badly, if I didn’t have control, you’d be worn out by now.”
    “Prove it.” She kissed him back, and he let her tongue in his mouth.
    She could’ve been abused at home by a family member. She could’ve been controlled or locked up. He wouldn’t assume anything or dismiss her pain. He had to build trust and obedience…the passion was there. They had chemistry, and it was a start.
    Tightening a Velcro cock ring around the base of his member, he then slid on protection as he watched her hold the position. She’d made progress by sharing a little bit with him. Their change in relationship from coworkers to kink partners was new and sudden. He’d get the whole truth out of her and help her when the time was right.
    “Roll over on your back. Spread your legs. Cuffed hands behind your head.” He knelt between her thighs.
    “This is more like it. Missionary feels like you,” she said with a smile.
    He bit her nipple and listened to her gasps continue as he drove into her pussy. Her body gripped him, but he didn’t give her a chance to take any sort of control. Fucking in and out of her, he grabbed her ass and lifted her hips up as he filled her hard.
    “Sir, please!” She trembled.
    He watched her breasts bounce as he filled her all the way and squeezed her pink rear. “Like it? You asked for it.”
    He sucked her nipples again and fucked her until she shrieked. Her body arched, and her eyes rolled back in her head. He felt her convulsions deep inside, but they only made him fuck her harder.
    “Thank you,” she moaned.
    He didn’t give her a chance to recover and stayed deep inside of her body. She was built for sex, with wide hips and plenty of ass to grip. Her breasts taunted him as he claimed her body as his playground. “Like being sub to a boring chemistry teacher?”
    “God, yes. Please, Sir. I’m going to come again.” She tried to sit up, but he held her down.
    “Come again, and don’t forget who is making you.” He pinched her rump.
    “Oh no!” She shouted and rocked to him as a desperate woman would.
    The view of her in full orgasm pushed Colin to his limit. He rubbed her clit and pulled from her body.
    “No!” she cried out.
    Her body shook in climax, but she wasn’t as happy this way. Removing the ring and protection, he crawled up her body and pressed his cock to her lips. “I thought you wanted to suck on it.”
    She moaned. “You’re such a tease! Fuck me.”
    He pressed the tip to her lips, and she sighed. Swallowing his cock deep, her groans vibrated on his skin. He could hold out well, meaning sometimes letting go was the hard part. Grabbing a fistful of her silky blonde hair, he slid in and out of her mouth. When she went lower on him, he didn’t pull back. She had experience, and he loved it. Fucking her mouth enough to get friction, he lost it when her tongue worked his head.
    Coming in her mouth, he tried not to gag her and pulled back as she licked him dry. “Damn it, Minny.”
    She released his cock from her mouth and sucked his balls. “You didn’t like it?”
    The woman was gifted at sex, but she needed discipline and prodding in the right places. If he let her just go after the sex, that’s all it would be. He had to keep her wanting more.
    He grabbed her breasts and massaged them. “Very nice. You came more than once tonight. I don’t think you have any room for complaints.”
    “Are you warmed up yet?” She smiled as if ready for more.
    “We’re done for now.” He released her wrists from the cuffs. “Don’t be late to work tomorrow. We’ll make plans for another session there.”
    The disappointment on her face gave Colin that surge of power again. He might bend to her sexual needs and lose himself there for a bit, but he’d never forget he was in control and what she needed from him.

    Chapter Three
    Normally a smiley person, even in the mornings, she
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