Green-Eyed Monster

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Book: Green-Eyed Monster Read Online Free PDF
Author: Gill McKnight
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Lesbian, Kidnapping, v5.0, stockholm syndrome
blond hair. The naked little body with knees pulled up tight in the name of decorum glowed pink and wet.
    She’s adorable sitting there like a little water sprite. Shit!
    Where did that thought come from? She is not adorable. She’s a total pain in the ass.
    “Well, hello to you, too. Can I get out now please? The water’s getting cold.”
    Mickey set down the clean clothing and pulled the key from her pocket. She released the cuffs from the bath handle.
    “I’m gonna let you dress yourself. I’ll be in the hall with the door open, so don’t go getting any smart ideas, okay? The window is locked.”
    “Okay, perv,” she muttered under her breath.
    “Hey. I heard that. I’m not a perv.”
    “Yeah, lurking outside ladies’ bathrooms wearing a Mickey Mouse mask.” She imitated Mickey’s Midwest drawl perfectly.
    “Fersure you’re no perv.”

    Lunch was another culinary success. Mickey was a serious cook, and her efforts were much appreciated by her captive audience.
    “Mmm, that pasta was the greatest.” She groaned, patting her little round belly with hands cuffed before her. Mickey was pleased her cooking was so enthusiastically enjoyed, but shook her head at the empty serving dishes. Usually a feast like this would have lasted her two, maybe three days. Her “guest” would eat her out of house and home in no time if something didn’t happen soon.
    “I’ve never seen anyone eat as much as you do for your size.
    You must have more stomachs than a cow.” Mickey rose to stack the dishes.
    Scraping the plates clean before stashing them in the sink, she watched the blindfold head tilt slightly to try to peek out from under the fabric.
    “In case you’re interested, I tied it special so you can’t see a thing.” Mickey knew she sounded smug but didn’t regret it. “So just sit still. Wouldn’t want you running away straight into a tree.  Might dent it.” She chuckled.
    It was a lovely fall afternoon. Warm sunshine poured through the window, a light breeze and the sound of birdsong wafted in through the open door.
    “Hello there.” Out of the blue, a man’s voice called from outside.
    They both froze.
    Mickey guessed who it was, and at breakneck speed bolted across the floor. In one leap, she straddled her captive’s lap. She took her captive’s cuffed hands and thrust them up her sweatshirt out of sight. Mickey’s hands meshed in her soft blond hair, covering as much of the blindfold as possible.
    She had only one chance at this. She hoped the rental agency guy would head off when he saw she was “busy.”
    “What the—oh. Oh.” Her captive’s shocked cry was mumbled into her top. Mickey had to somehow stop her from crying out. With a swooping kiss, she covered the spluttering mouth, sealing off all sound. Tethered hands nudged against the sway of her breasts, a knuckle accidentally grazed her nipple. Her mouth hummed with the angry squawks pouring into it. Mickey did the only thing she could do, she went deep and French, to stopper the garbled squeaking.
    With relief, she watched the man’s retreat. He would probably come back some other time to check that she was happy with the rental cabin. By then she hoped this nightmare would be over.
    So far, she’d been lucky. The blindfold and cuffs weren’t visible, and she’d moved fast enough to stop a holler for help. Even now, she could feel the indignant tongue quivering against her own in a series of squeaked cursing.
    It surprised Mickey how reluctant she was to break the seal, to pull away and release her hold on the pretty face. The muffled squawks continued, but Mickey found her own mouth acting independently of her. It began with sucking on soft lips, running her pliant tongue along the soft inner tissue. Gently, she nipped a lower lip, then stroked it with the tip of her tongue, falling deeper into a truly breathtaking kiss. The protestations beneath her mouth stilled for a surprised second.
    Mickey’s breasts were warm
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