Too Many Rock Stars (Access All Areas #1)

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Book: Too Many Rock Stars (Access All Areas #1) Read Online Free PDF
Author: Candy J Starr
sure you'll find someone."
    "Do you know any cellists? I have some ideas for a cellist in the band."
    I thought through the entire roster that had played in the club and couldn't think of a single cellist. I could reel off a list of a thousand guitarists, almost as many bass players and drummers. Keyboards weren't so common but still plentiful. Hell, I even knew a few piano accordion players and a dude who played the combs, but this wasn't the sort of place that attracted cellists. It sounded a bit wanky to me.
    Alex sat down beside me and smiled at me again. Those eyes, I couldn't keep looking at him or I'd forget all my carefully made promises to myself. No dating rock stars, no falling for them. Damn it though, Alex made question if I could maybe take a night off from that vow.
    I called Babs over to look after the door while I went backstage to check on the second band. They should've been setting up already. I knew them though and they were slackers. I'd have to kick some rocker butt to get them out there. They could cut their set short if they didn't get onstage soon.
    "I could do that for you," Alex said, poking at the cash box while we waited for Babs.
    "Don't touch that!" I yelled, snatching the cash away from him.
    Why had he even suggested that? Seriously, the guy was cute and all but I would not be leaving someone who wasn't staff in charge of the cash box.
    "Sorry," he said, putting his hands in the air as though to suggest he wouldn't dream of touching anything.
    I handed the money over to Babs and headed backstage. Maybe I'd been too harsh with Alex. He might've just been trying to help but you couldn't be too careful. And, if he was offended, I'd have one less rocker to deal with.
    As I opened the door to the backstage room, the smell of pot almost knocked me out.
    "Hey, you bunch of useless stoners," I yelled at them. "Get yourself up on stage now!"
    A few foggy grumbles greeted me but they did start moving. I noticed the opener band hanging around in the hallway, probably afraid to enter the band room with those guys taking over.
    "Just a moment," I said to them and got a chair to prop the door open and get the smell aired out.
    I thought Alex might be gone when I got back out but he was waiting in the same spot. He even had another beer for me.
    “Anyone come in?” I asked Babs.
    She shook her head.
    I sat back down and counted the money in the cash box.

Chapter 6             ALEX
    Violet, she entranced me. I'd gone to the club with the intent of charming her, throwing her a few compliments and treating her to my winning smile in order to get a leg up at the club. God, I needed that. I needed a fresh start and to put all the shit I'd left behind firmly in my past. That was the plan. I'd take this town by storm.
    I'd heard through my sources that she was the person to get to know in town. I thought I'd sweet talk her and have her like putty in my hands within minutes. I didn't plan on anything more than that. Until I met her.
    She wasn't so easy to win over.
    I wasn't averse to a challenge. And she definitely was a challenge but not an unwinnable one. She put on that stony front but she'd be a marshmallow underneath it all. Girls like that always were.
    As I put the final touches to my outfit, I knew she'd be hooked. Not that the clothes meant anything, it was the image, the whole package. Once I got on stage, I'd show her I wasn't just another rock star with nothing in his head and a short range weapon in his pants.
    I'd known from the moment she'd fallen into my arms that she was for me. Her legs in those tiny shorts got my cock hard but it was her mouth that got the rest of me interested. Something about way she twisted it when she was thinking about work intrigued me. I couldn’t get that image out of my mind.
    The only problem was that meathead who kept hanging around her. I had no idea what his game was but he wasn't her type, anyone could see that. She was sensitive and gentle. An oaf
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