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Author: Karen Aldous
before I move down. I have some leave to use up. We can take Thierry on some walks, get him used to some hiking, maybe even some camping,’ Sophie said excitedly.
    ‘Walking yes, camping no. Not until next year when he’s nearer four. I might as well enjoy a bit more luxury while I can. I’m sure he’ll love the camping though, like his mum and Aunty Sophie.’ Lizzie said recalling the vibration of excitement kids had at the campsite.
    ‘What child doesn’t like camping?’ Sophie said.
    ‘Well too much like hard work just now. I will book a hotel I know. You will love it, I know you will.’
    ‘Brilliant. I will be busy anyway handing over patients’ files and letting the apartment.’
    ‘Oh yes. I take it you’ve handed your notice in then?’
    ‘I finish officially in mid-July.’ Sophie stood up, beaming proudly.
    ‘Great. What about Guillaume?’
    ‘Well I haven’t officially served notice on him yet.’ She sat back down cradling her head. ‘I’m not looking forward to that.’
    Thierry was cosily tucked up in bed when Lizzie arrived back at her Cannes apartment. She couldn’t resist spending a few hours with Sophie in Paris and, of course, doing a little shopping. Sophie managing a long lunch break. Thank God for Thierry’s nanny, or au pair really, Marie-Claire. She was such a gem and Lizzie counted herself lucky to have found her as she couldn’t have afforded to pay for full-time childcare. Not when she started out in Cannes. She entered Thierry’s room to watch her beautiful child lie sleeping so peacefully and so deliciously unaware of the previous few days’ events. She visualised her grandfather playing on the floor with her little boy just like he did with her. He would always get down to her level, physically and mentally. Although she was sure his agility would have waned. He just loved to have fun though, whether playing tea parties or being plastered in mother’s make-up, he didn’t complain.
    He taught her lots too. He would read to her when she was small and, whilst her father was still working, he always made sure she understood her words and they would make a game of who would find a word in the dictionary first. His love of numbers was reflected in his fun ways to make her maths homework enjoyable too. He had a knack for explaining concepts. He always said if he hadn’t inherited the house and land and, like his father, gone into farming, he would have loved to have taught maths.
    His other passion of course was animals. They would go together to check on the cows and sheep and if any of them showed any signs of ill health or disease, Thomas, the vet was called in, which was always an adventure - until Cider had to be put down of course; her lovely old golden retriever her grandfather had bought her when she was just two years old.
    Her mother would always complain about the mess animals made and was dead against another dog. Not that she was ever there anyway to clear up the mess, preferring her job and social life. Thank God she had her grandfather. Lizzie’s eyes filled again as she thought about her grandfather and the memories and regrets that overflowed in her head.
    It was a long time before Lizzie finally relaxed into a much-needed sleep and very early when she awoke. Thierry was jumping all over her. She gave him a big kiss and explained to him that she and Aunty Sophie would be taking him on a holiday in the mountains. She then drew her child into her arms, brushed his dark hair with her hands, then held him closer to her and gave him a huge hug.
    ‘Mummy loves you so, so much. We will be just fine. You and me.’
    ‘Bonjour, Lizzie. Ca va?’ Marie-Claire stood at her bedroom door and Lizzie greeted her with a beaming smile.
    ‘Bonjour, Marie-Claire. Thank you, yes I’m ok. The trip was a little shorter than anticipated but I’m pleased to be home. The salon aren’t expecting me today so I’ll spend the day with Thierry – that is, if there’s nothing
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