Taming the Enforcer’s Flirt

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Book: Taming the Enforcer’s Flirt Read Online Free PDF
Author: Charlie Richards
Tags: Gay, Paranormal, Erotic Romance, glbt
    Huh? Since when do dominant enforcers accept responsibility for mistakes?
    The bony ridges that Cornelius assumed were kinda like eyebrows, shot up.
    Huh, they move!
    They lowered just as quickly, and one side of Einan’s mouth lifted in a half-smile. “Yeah, they move. You don’t always think before you speak, do you?”
    “Uh, no,” he admitted. Especially when my dick is hard enough to pound nails and all I can think about is getting the thick rod rubbing my stomach into my ass. This time, Cornelius made certain his mouth remained shut. He could keep from blurting things if he focused.
    Einan nodded. “Okay, then. We’ll work on that, too, then.”
    Cornelius tensed, reminded of why he’d fled Einan in the first place.
    Understanding seeped into Einan’s expression. “Ah, I see. I can see how my words might make it seem as if I find you lacking,” he mused. Einan slid the hand cupping Cornelius’s jaw over a bit and gently used his thumb-claw to trace his upper lip. “Ah, my pretty mate, I only want you to be safe, and living with a gargoyle requires certain…etiquette to be followed. I never meant offense. I only wish to keep you safe.”
    “Oh,” Cornelius whispered, trying to focus on the conversation instead of his throbbing dick. “So you, um…” He paused, thinking a second, then tried a different approach. “I’m a flirt. I should warn you. I don’t mean anything by it. Most of the time I don’t even want to be touched by the person, but it feels good to think they might like to touch me if I gave them the chance, ya know?”
    Einan growled, and suddenly Cornelius found himself pressed against the wall with what was probably a three hundred pound, clearly unhappy, yet horny—judging by the thick shaft prodding him—gargoyle practically covering him from head to toe.
    “Only I touch you, Cornelius,” Einan snarled.
    The possessive rumble sent a shiver of fear down Cornelius’s spine. It was quickly banished by pleasure when Einan slid his hands up his sides, traced his ribs, then tugged his nipples—with his fucking claws—sending sharp bites of painful-pleasure through his chest.
    “Someone has hurt you, pretty mate,” Einan growled. “I can smell your fear when I say certain things.”
    Einan released one of his nipples while still working the second one hard. Cornelius’s dick throbbed and pulsed, pre-cum oozing from his slit as the sensations went straight to his cock. Unable to hold up his own head, he rested it against the wall and just concentrated on getting enough air into his lungs.
    He didn’t know how he’d gone from running from the gargoyle to practically begging him to fuck him into the wall, but that’s what he wanted. It took every bit of tenuous control he had left to keep from doing just that.
    Instead, he cried out with pleasure when Einan’s rough hand slid into his loosened cargo shorts and wrapped around his swollen shaft. Fuck! How had he missed it when Einan opened them? Two strokes of the gargoyle’s hand had his balls pulling tight, and all thoughts but coming fled.
    Einan reached lower and tugged his balls, easing his need. Cornelius whined at the denial.
    “Don’t worry, Cornelius,” Einan crooned. “I’ll let you come soon enough.” He scraped his canines down, then back up Cornelius’s neck just hard enough to awaken his nerve endings. Cornelius tilted his head and tried to press up into those tingle-inducing teeth. “You like the bite of pain, the sensation of your body being worked, maybe your ass spanked or your nipples clamped, don’t you, pretty mate? Did someone take advantage of that?”
    Cornelius just about came from the images Einan put in his head. It’d feel so good to sprawl across his mate’s lap and have his ass warmed by the big hands working his body. Would Einan let his claws dig into his flesh just a little? Give him an extra prick? Draw blood? Lap it off?
    He moaned, long and low, and bucked his hips,
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