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Book: Silent Witness Read Online Free PDF
Author: Diane Burke
Tags: Suspense
over the years it had paid off. She’d gained the respect of her team and her community. She couldn’t afford to let down her guard now. She didn’t have time for a man in her life, any man, and particularly one who had already broken her heart once before.
    Another hour passed and Liz tried not to stare at the minute hand on the wall clock or jump each time the phone rang. Usually, she could lose herself in work, but not this time.
    She drummed her fingers on her desk. What was she going to do with Jeremy when Adam did call and tell her the child could be released?
    Darlene had done a thorough family background check on the Hendersons. Both Kate and Dave had been only children. No relatives to lay claim to the boy. So, what was going to happen to him?
    Liz didn’t have the heart to place him with Child Protective Services—not yet, anyway. Being autistic, she knew Jeremy would never understand what was happening to him. He’d been through so much already. He needed placement with a family trained to handle special-needs children and, unfortunately, she didn’t think there would be much to choose from here in Country Corners.
    Besides, Jeremy was a material witness for their murder case. Child Protective Services would have no means to protect him.
    Liz stared out the window but didn’t focus on anything she saw.
    “What did you see, Jeremy?” Liz spoke the words aloud, almost as if the walls could talk and might provide the answers she desperately needed. She ran through the crime scene in her mind for what was probably the hundredth time.
    If he had seen the killer, would he be able to identify the person from a photo lineup of suspects? If and when they ever came up with a suspect, that is.
    She knew she had to try not to be so impatient. It had only been three days. They’d find something. They had to.
    Liz stood up and looked through the blinds of her office window.
    Great! Just what I need.
    Two reporters from the local newspaper were buzzing about in the parking lot. How was she going to keep the situation under control if the national media picked up the story and ran with it? She could picture the sensationalized headlines.
    Double Homicide in Small Town. Little Boy Only Survivor.
    As soon as the press broadcast the existence of a sole survivor and possible witness, would the killer return to tie up loose ends?
    A tight, painful knot formed in the pit of her stomach.
    She glanced one more time at the clock. Jeremy had to be awake by now. Well, no more waiting. She grabbed her purse and muttered a string of unflattering descriptions of Dr. Adam Morgan for not calling her with an update. But why should he? Not calling her was his specialty.
    * * *
    Adam, standing in the hall in front of Jeremy’s room, had an unobstructed view of Liz Bradford storming down the hall in his direction. If she could breathe fire and shoot lasers, he would be under attack at any moment. He knew he should keep a cool, calm, professional facade but he couldn’t help himself. After all, this was Lizzie. When they were kids he had always gotten great pleasure out of pushing her buttons and watching her explode.
    “It’s about time you showed up,” he said as soon as she was within earshot. “I was beginning to think you didn’t care a hoot about this boy.”
    She came to such an abrupt halt it looked like she’d slammed into an invisible force field. Her eyes widened and her expression clearly showed she thought that he’d lost his mind. When she saw the grin on his face, she exploded right on cue.
    “What are you talking about? I’ve been waiting to hear from you. Why haven’t you called me with an update?”
    Adam laughed out loud. “Calm down, Lizzie. I was just about to call you. I’ve been tied up with the boy.”
    His explanation seemed to appease her for the moment. When he took one step too close to her personal space, however, the warm fuzzies were gone and she stepped back.
    She shifted beneath his gaze, and
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