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Author: Lacey Thorn
one of you was injured. Feared it.
But nothing can stop a Marquetti. Right?”
    “That’s right, girl.” The voice in the corner startled her.
She shouldn’t have been surprised though. There was no way her father would
leave while Stephano was still fighting.
    He stood up and walked toward her. He was still larger than
life to her but she could see how much he’d aged in the last ten years. Her
heart ached. She’d missed him so much.
    “Come here, girl. It’s been long enough.” He held his arms
open to her and she couldn’t resist the comfort she knew she’d find there. His
arms closed around her and ten years worth of hurt and emotions washed down her
cheeks in a torrent of tears. “You should have come home sooner, Gianna.”
    “I couldn’t,” she whispered the words against his chest.
    “I’ve sat back long enough and let this foolish thing go on
between you and your mother. I expected one of you to see sense. But no more. Life
is too short for family to be at odds.” He sighed and placed a kiss on top of
her head. “I’ll see that there’s a room ready for you at the house.”
    “No.” She shook her head and pulled back.
    “Enough, Gianna. We will end this feud between you and your
mamma once and for all.”
    She nodded. “But I’m not coming home this visit. I’ll stay
at the hotel. Besides I’m not so sure Mamma will want me there.”
    “Your mamma will do as she’s told.”
    Gianna snorted and then laughed. “Getting senile, old man?”
    Salvatore smiled and shook his head. “Wishful thinking
maybe. But, trust me, Gianna. Your mother has been hurt just as deeply by this
feud as I imagine you have. I don’t know what happened. I know what that
Michael tried to spread but he shut his mouth quick. Had his nose broken twice
in one week. That shut him up.”
    “Seems your brother Cristiano got to him a few days after
your friend Jessie broke it the first time.”
    Gianna smiled. “I’ve missed you, Pops.”
    Her father smiled and cleared his throat. “I’ve kept tabs on
you. Seen all your photos and even watched that show on the entertainment
channel that showed you on that beach shoot. Very proud of you, Gianna.”
    “I’m sorry, Pops. I just couldn’t come back. I…” She trailed
off as her father just hugged her close again.
    “I know, girl. I’ve been telling your mamma that there’s a
purpose for everything that happens in life. Maybe the reason our Stephano is
lying there is so that you would finally find your way back home to us. Maybe
it’s to open your mother’s eyes and wake her up to what she is risking by
shutting you out. Hell, maybe it’s just to remind us all that life is damn
precious. Doesn’t matter. It happened and all we can do is watch and wait for
your brother to open his eyes.”
    “Did they get the guy who shot him?”
    He nodded. “He was drunk or high. Probably both. Didn’t
remember anything when they showed up to arrest him.” Gianna felt him trembling
with the emotions going through him. “Just rolled up the window and drove off,
leaving my boy bleeding on the street. Thank the Good Lord one of the other
state boys was close by and drove by to check. Otherwise…” His voice trailed
off. She didn’t need to hear her father say how close Stephano had come to
    “Gianna.” Jessie’s voice was a whisper as she entered the room.
She looked up and met her friend’s eyes.
    “Oh, Mr. Marquetti, I didn’t realize you were still here.”
    “Jessie Markle, is that you lurking in the shadows over
    “Yes, sir, Mr. Marquetti. I was just stopping by to let
Gianna know that I heard Cris and Dante in the waiting room. I, uh, figured
she’d want to know.”
    “Expected she’d want to run, you mean.”
    Gianna felt her face flush as she watched Jessie’s do the
same. Suddenly she felt like a teenager all over again. Back in the days when
she and Jessie were always getting scolded for the things they’d
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