Shades of Darkness (Redemption Series)

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Book: Shades of Darkness (Redemption Series) Read Online Free PDF
Author: Melynda Price
Tags: Fiction, 5 Prince Publishing, Melynda Price, Shades of Darkness
grace of his well-defined, powerful body. After all these years, she’d never gotten used to his beauty, and didn’t think she ever would.
    The rear door opened and her bags made an abrupt appearance in the back seat. Good thing she hadn’t packed anything breakable. Wordlessly, he hopped into the driver’s seat, slammed the door shut, and peeled out of the driveway. The sudden change in him set her nerves on edge. Combined with a healthy dose of guilt, she teetered on the edge of another breakdown.
    When she’d woken up this morning and laid there staring at the ceiling, she’d prayed for closure to this painful chapter of her life. She was prepared to put the past, aka Liam, behind her and start over as Olivia Mathis. The last thing she’d expected was to have the angel show up mere minutes before she’d be saying “I do” and steal her away.
    Honestly, she didn’t think she’d ever see Liam again. After three miserable years of hoping and waiting, begging and sobbing, she’d finally given up. How long was I supposed to live my life mourning for you? She wanted to scream, hating him for doing this to her, and hating herself for hurting him and for letting those old emotions come flooding back like it was yesterday.
    Liam turned onto I-75 and headed north. He still hadn’t said a word to her—his posture tense as he frequently glanced into the rearview mirror.
    “Where are we going?”
    He looked at her a moment before answering. “I’m not sure yet. I haven’t thought things out that far. I didn’t exactly plan for this to happen.”
    “Why now, Liam? It’s been three years and nothing. All of a sudden, why am I so important to them again?”
    “You never stopped being important. Just because you think these last three years have been quiet doesn’t make it so. I’ve been busy, very busy…”
    “Oh.” Olivia didn’t know what to say. She’d just assumed the Dark Court had left her alone. She’d been too caught up in her own grief to pay any mind, or even care about the otherworldly dynamics at play.
    “I don’t want you to be afraid. I just want to keep you safe, like I promised I would, but I didn’t promise it would always be convenient for you. I am sorry about your wedding.”
    “So am I...” she replied softly.
    Liam didn’t respond, but then, there wasn’t anything he could say.

Chapter Three
    “The warrior’s been here,” Haden announced as they stepped into the female’s apartment.
    No shit. As if Rowen couldn’t figure that out for himself. The warrior’s presence permeated the small room, leaving behind a dominant spicy scent that even he couldn’t mistake.
    Cale shifted restlessly near the doorway. The fallen angel’s “fight or flight” response clearly edged toward flight—pussy. He and Rhen hung back, neither of them looked too happy about being here. Perhaps the problem was Haden. That surly bastard seemed to bring out the worst in everyone.
    “How long ago?” Rowen asked, walking farther into the living room. Who knows, maybe the tracker could be good for something, after all.He knew Liam had been here, but his senses weren’t acute enough to timeline events.
    Haden drew in a slow, deep breath and exhaled the air, his face crinkling in disgust. “Fifteen, twenty at the most.”
    “Dammit!” Rowen growled. “He’s running with her!” He turned to leave, ready to rally his crew and haul ass, when he noticed Haden walking the other way. Where in the hell was he going? Following a few paces behind, he watched from the crack in the bedroom door as Haden stood at Olivia’s dresser, digging through her jewelry box, pulling open drawer after drawer.
    What is that crazy bastard looking for? Whatever it was, he didn’t find it, because a snarled curse tore from his lips as he slammed the last drawer shut. Spinning around, he marched over to the woman’s bed and picked up her nightgown draped across the mattress. Burying his face into the black
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