Pretend With Me (Midnight Society #1)

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Book: Pretend With Me (Midnight Society #1) Read Online Free PDF
Author: Jemma Grey
he swore walking away from me, throwing his
hands up to the side of his head. “Why can’t you stop
being so childish? You need to grow up!”
“Fine!” I screamed. “I will, when you begin to hate me
and call off this stupid fake marriage Eric! Save yourself
the time, trouble and pain – do it now.”
“I can’t!” he screamed back.
“Yeah right,” I shouted back frustrated.
“Do you think I want to marry you?” I knew that was a
lie. Last night my dad had said so – that the final decision
was Eric’s. “It’s not like I had a choice either,” he spat at
me. “But if you want my hate so badly,” he shouted and
was suddenly in front my face once again. “Fine! You have
it,” he sneered. “Now take the pills, Jenifer!”
His light eyes went darker with rage, and for just a split
second it was no longer blue. Suddenly one hand was
wrapped around my neck, and I was stepping back against
my will. My back slammed into the door with a loud thud.
As soon as my back hit the door, he released my neck,
placing his arm across my chest, pinning me against it.
“Take the pills, Jenifer or I’ll shove them down your
throat,” he sneered.
Instantly my mind went back to that night, and I found
my body going numb from complete fear. I expected him
to hit me - to hurt me in every way he could hurt me, and
in response I tensed, waiting to absorb the pain.
A split second later something stirred in me, and I felt
pure adrenaline pulsing through my veins. What was I
doing? Daren had died because I couldn't help myself. I
had seen him bleeding out, I had smelled his blood as I’d
held him in my arms and felt his last breath all because I
had been weak. I was not the girl from that night anymore.
I wasn’t going to let anyone else hurt me like I had been
hurt. This time I was going to fight back.
My body reacted on its own, and I felt my hands
clawing at his face and arms, anything that I could reach.
In a knee-jerk reaction, my knee went up, and Eric
suddenly crouched in front of me moaning, swearing curse
words at me.
“I’m not taking the pills,” I smiled sweetly, masking the
fear coursing through me as best as I could.
That did it. I watched in horror as he slowly stood up
and turned to face me with death shining in his eyes. In
that moment, he didn’t seem human anymore. He was
cold and heartless, and I was terrified of him. I saw his
hand clench into a fist, then slowly he brought it up to his
eye level. All I had time to do was raise my right hand to
shield my face or at least soften the blow, before his fist
shot towards me.
His hand connected with my wrist and instantly a loud
crack echoed through the room. He stood frozen, his fist
still touching my wrist as it throbbed with pain, either
broken or sprained, and it fuelled my anger. Suddenly I
was no longer afraid of him. I only felt hate and anger
sizzling in my veins. I clenched my left hand and
connected it with his jaw, forcing as much strength as I
could muster behind the punch. Eric didn’t even flinch. It
was like my punch had meant nothing. I hadn’t hurt him at
all, and that just made me more fucking angry.
A low animal-like growl escaped his throat and then the
next thing I knew I was abruptly on my bed. Again just as
before, one second I was standing at the door, then I had
blinked and I was now lying flat on my back. Eric was on
top of me, and my hands were pinned under each of his
legs at my sides.
“What are you going to do?” I pushed. “Rape me,
show me that you’re in control, is that it?” I sneered up at
him, being as defiant as I possibly could. “I’ve been
through worse than rape Eric, do your worst. The most
you can do is kill me, and I’ve been through a lot worse
than death, too.”
Instantly, he pulled back, staring down at me in
complete and total shock. Horror filled his eyes, and for a
moment his mouth hung open loosely. “What?” he
frowned in disbelief.
“My parents are home, I’ll scream 'till
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