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Author: Amanda Hearty
strong image of herself in front of her work colleagues. She hated to let her guard down and allow anyone to see behind the work facade, and yet, at dos like this, after a few drinks, people expected to see the true Beth.
    She headed for the food, and, as she helped herself to a burger and salad, heard her work colleague, Graham O’Reilly, call her name. He waved for her to come over to where a big gang of men were sitting, stuffing themselves. Beth made her way over, and it wasn’t until she sat down that she saw Tom was in the group. He was holding a beer in one hand and a mobile phone in the other. His phone was pressed to his ear, and he seemed to be deep in conversation.
    â€˜Doesn’t he ever take the night off?’ Graham whispered to Beth. ‘No wonder his marriage broke up years ago! His poorex-wife! He’s totally obsessed with work. But then I suppose I would be, too, if I was that wealthy and successful!’
    Beth just shrugged, her face a little flushed. She knew what everyone thought of Tom, and that they’d consider her mad to put up with a workaholic like him, but as she watched him run his fingers through his thick dark hair she felt no one knew him the way she did. No one knew about his passion for the Arts, or about the amount of unpublicized charity work he did. No one else saw his softer side, but she did and that was why she loved him. Tom finished his phone conversation, smiled at Beth, and then turned to one of the head partners, who was telling everyone about his new house in Portugal, and how the golf course beside it was the best in Europe. Beth excused herself from the group and went to refill her glass of wine.
    Three hours later, as the sound of Madonna blared through the room, the dance floor filled. Beth was enjoying watching everyone dance when she felt a tap on her shoulder. It was Tom.
    â€˜Hi,’ he said, looking deep into her eyes.
    Beth forgot all about the music as she smiled back at the tall gorgeous man in front of her.
    â€˜You look great,’ he said, staring at her new dress. ‘You always do.’
    Beth felt butterflies in her stomach. No one could make her feel the things Tom did.
    â€˜Let’s get out of here,’ he suggested.
    She didn’t need to be asked twice. She waited until he’d found his coat and gone outside before heading there herself. As much as she couldn’t wait to feel his arms around her, she didn’t want anyone to see her leave with the boss. He wasn’t married any more, but their relationship was complicated, and the last thing she needed was an office rumour. After checkingthat no one she knew was out on Angelsea Road, she stepped into Tom’s blue Jaguar and nodded at his driver. Being CEO of a very successful company had many benefits, and Larry the driver was one.
    Tom took Beth’s hand and kissed it. ‘Let’s go to my place,’ he said, as he placed his hand on her leg.
    Beth agreed, and as the car whizzed through Donnybrook and headed for Dalkey and Tom’s house, she finally felt herself relax, and thanked God the work evening was over and their own special time was only just beginning.
    Tom sat on the oversized armchair at the end of his bed. He opened a bottle of vintage red wine as Beth hung up her dress and removed her shoes. Her feet sank into the plush cream wool carpet. Tom only had the best in his large house in Dublin’s wealthiest village. Everything about Tom’s home – from the flat screen TVs to the small indoor swimming pool – left Beth in awe of it, and well aware why he always suggested they slept there. After his divorce, his wife had moved to Wicklow to be nearer her family, leaving Tom with the family home. And while his two children were both in college and mainly lived with their mum, they still had their own bedrooms here. Because of that, Beth was always careful not to leave any of her own belongings around in case they found
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