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Author: Unknown
you’re invited to do it again and again.”
    Dimples popped into Drum’s cheeks when he smiled. Jake shook his head at himself. Why in the world did he think Drum looked cute ? He felt like a damn teenager with his first crush. Crazy!
    Avoiding eye contact, he sat and ate his food. Drum crouched next to his knee, between him and the hatch door, with the laser pistol at his side. It seemed neither one of them intended to get caught off guard by feral animals again.
    The carnivores on this planet were the scariest creatures he’d ever encountered. Mosquitoes, killer bees, and fire ants, although potentially dangerous, made sense to him. Even familiar predators like wild cats, snakes, sharks, and humans didn’t raise his hackles like the strange animals here that attacked without provocation.
    Thank goodness Drum knew how to deal with them.
    Yes, thank goodness for the good-looking hunk of masculinity who seemed determined to protect and care for him. How odd was that? No male, human or otherwise, had ever taken such an interest in him. It wasn’t simply hospitality, which Jake usually encountered when he first met a friendly alien species. Sexual awareness bubbled between them. The attraction was downright unnerving.
    Every time he looked at Drum’s crotch, Drum seemed to have an erection. The bulge beneath the loincloth flattered Jake in an unfamiliar way. Maybe it only seemed like Drum was attracted to him. Maybe his cock was so huge, even in a flaccid state he tented the cloth. Jake had a ridiculous urge to lift the flap up to check it out.
    If Drum did have a hard-on, what would he do? Lick it?
    The thought of running his tongue up Drum’s dick was… interesting. Would it be smooth like the rest of his skin? Would it taste salty like human skin? His pulse skipped. What would it be like arousing Drum to sexual completion? He’d never understood the appeal of kneeling before another man and worshiping his cock. Now he wondered if it might be a big ego boost to watch a male lover give himself over to you, knowing you controlled how fast and how hard he came. That much power had to be a heady experience.
    Jake cleared his head of the lurid thoughts giving him an erection. This small space made him loony. He had no sexual interest in Drum. Boredom triggered his wild imagination.
    So why did he keep glancing at Drum’s crotch?
    Disgusted, he picked the last bite off his stick and shoved it into his mouth.
    Thirsty again, he slid his butt over to the water tank, keeping his leg extended so he didn’t bump his wound, and filled their bottle. He couldn’t remember if Drum had a chance to drink anything or not, so he slipped back to his spot and handed the bottle to him first. After a quick swig, Drum handed it back.
    “I think we’ve got a problem with the air filtration,” Jake said between sips. “My shoulder bashed into the control panel during the scuffle and now I can’t adjust the temperature. It’s getting damn cold in here.”
    With a hunk of meat in one hand and his mouth full, Drum scooted over and popped off the dented panel cover. He made guttural noises while he chewed his dinner, and Jake wasn’t sure if the sounds related to the meal or the unit.
    Whatever was wrong must have been serious because Drum set the meat aside to tinker with the motherboard using a stone sliver he picked up from the floor. Jake let him work in silence for several minutes. Finally, Drum grunted, picked up the remnants of his meal, and sat back down. “No point in putting the cover back on. I don’t know how long that fix will last.” He shrugged and ate with gusto.
    “Thanks for the meal,” Jake said, patting his full stomach. What would they do to pass the time now?
    Drum sat cross-legged with his back against the opposite wall, licking his fingers. “I must tan the animal hide.” He retrieved the Tygess pelt, unrolled it, and set about scraping it clean. “Tell me about Earth.”
    For the next few hours, they
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