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Book: Faustus Read Online Free PDF
Author: David Mamet
Tags: Drama, General
An overheard exchange prompts an improvisation. A misplaced punctuation mark, an orthographic fault.
    MAGUS: It hides an error, which, to posterity serves to nullify the work entire.
    FAUSTUS: Have you then seen the future?
    MAGUS: It is one with the past.
    FAUSTUS: Absent the provoking generalities.
    MAGUS: Do you challenge me?
    FAUSTUS: I do. What do you know of my philosophy?
    MAGUS: ’Tis said you are like Adam, before whom were brought all God’s creation, and whate’er he chose to call them, so they were called. And now you are complete. Your long years journey summarized in mathematical perfection.
    FAUSTUS: You speak of my new work?
    MAGUS: I do.
    FAUSTUS: I penned the last page but this afternoon.
    MAGUS: You wish me to quote it to you.
    FAUSTUS: I do.
    MAGUS: “Wherein we find that number …”
    FAUSTUS: No …
    MAGUS: Indeed, “is not, and signifies not a quantity, but a progression.” Shall I continue? Shall I quote the formula?
    FRIEND: (
) Faustus.
    FAUSTUS: Stop. He has purloined the manuscript.
    FRIEND: Faustus, the child cries …
    FAUSTUS: Are you a thief?
    MAGUS: I am not.
    FAUSTUS: Then how have you divined my thesis’s burden?
    MAGUS: I cannot debase my trade to the uninitiated.
    FAUSTUS: Is it then, mere manipulation?
    MAGUS: That is the charge I must withhold.
    FAUSTUS: Who bids you? Are you a
    MAGUS: I assure you I am not.
    FAUSTUS: Are you a telepath, sir, no, then I say you are a thief…
    FRIEND: Faustus …
    FAUSTUS: … one moment. (
.) Ah, well done. I had insulted you, and wronged your craft. And though we kissed rings must you not have your revenge. And, now, you have had your revenge … Now you have bested me. Now we may cry quits. Now. You quote my conclusions in my actual language. This is an effect which …
    MAGUS: But if it is not an effect…
    FAUSTUS: You vex me with fooling, sir. Howe’er you call it, effect, illusion, nay, a miracle: Induct me, but for the one circumstance. I will not reveal your art. I plead not from mere curiosity but from material concern. For the security of my work, of my manuscript…
    MAGUS: But what if the manuscript… were to contain a fault.
    FAUSTUS: … please.
    MAGUS: Grant it hypothetically.
    FAUSTUS: Is that your precondition?
    MAGUS: What if your manuscript contained a disqualificatory error? (
    FAUSTUS: I would amend it.
    MAGUS: And if to do so were to unpick its essential fiber … (
) To unsay the Work entire …?
    FAUSTUS: I cannot imagine such a fault.
    MAGUS: But if such were revealed to you … a fault which were, to all succeeding age, to cast your work as a by-word, and a jest.
    FAUSTUS: Instance an example of such error.
    MAGUS: If it were stolen from another. (
    FAUSTUS: But it is not.
    MAGUS: But if it were. That would, of course, set it as an example of that error which might not be put aright.
    FAUSTUS: Deservedly.
    MAGUS: If it were purloined.
    FAUSTUS: Yes.
    MAGUS: In whole or part.
    FAUSTUS: As I have said. Thus?
    MAGUS: You asked me to instance a category of error. I have done so.
    FAUSTUS: Yes, there’s your small casuistic victory. I grant the category. My work, however, is unblemished.
    MAGUS: So you say.
    FAUSTUS: I do.
    MAGUS: But would you swear an oath?
    FAUSTUS: I do not follow you, sir.
    MAGUS: Indeed you do, but cannot overtake me … You press me to reveal the occult. To protect, as you say, the sanctity of your creation, you ask me to unclothe my own. I reply: swear it is yours entire.
    FAUSTUS: It is.
    MAGUS: Upon your family. (
) And yet you will not assert it.
    FAUSTUS: The thoughtful hesitate to take an oath.
    MAGUS: The thoughtful.
    FAUSTUS: It is from a sense of probity
    MAGUS: Not from fear …?
    FAUSTUS: I think not.
    MAGUS: As who would say “I swear on my life,” or “on my children’s life” …
    FAUSTUS: But who would proffer such an oath?
    MAGUS: What is the risk?
    FAUSTUS: Not risk, but impropriety As who would sully the name of his
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