Dying Assassin

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Book: Dying Assassin Read Online Free PDF
Author: Joyee Flynn
Tags: General Fiction
men in on all of this. Grabbing the file folders with my new will and the surprise I had for Ryder, I headed out of my office to go find them.
    "How are you feeling?" Luc asked, glancing up from the textbook he was studying from when I entered the living room.
    "Physically? I'm fine, mentally not so much," I answered honestly. "I need to talk with everyone, can you take a break?"
    "Sure, Spence," he replied, closing the book and coming over to me. Luc threw his arms around my neck and kissed me passionately.
    "What was that for?" I panted when he pulled away.
    "I don't like it when you frown," Luc said, smiling widely. "Getting kissed always makes you smile."
    "And hard," I snickered as I smacked his firm ass.
    "Be nice, I'm still walking funny." He winked at me as he took my hand and led us into the kitchen. Dean and Ryder were sitting at the table laughing while eating a snack.
    "I need to talk to everyone," I said as Luc and I sat down. "I just got off the phone with Deputy Wilcowski, and we think we figured out why someone would want me dead."
    "It's that guy who's in charge of everything, isn't it?" Ryder growled, narrowing his eyes at me. "But why now?"
    "Because I'm changing my will," I answered, glancing from one to the other of my men. I passed them each one of the folders, holding back what I had special for Ryder. "I sent the changes over to my attorney a couple of weeks ago, but we've been so busy I've not discussed it with you guys yet."
    "Spencer," Dean whispered, as he read the document in front of him. "Are you nuts? You can't leave all of this to us!"
    "I'm immortal," I replied, shrugging. "But if something does happen to me, I want the people I love taken care of."
    "You are not allowed to die, Spencer Fallon," Ryder exclaimed throwing the folder at the table before standing and stalking over to me. He grabbed my chair and pulled it out before straddling my lap. Ryder took my face in his hands. "You cannot ever leave me, Spence. I wouldn't make it without you."
    "Oh, Ryder," I whispered and hugged him fiercely. "I'm not going anywhere, baby. This is just a precautionary thing, I promise."
    "Fine, but if you die, I will find some witch to curse you into haunting us forever," Ryder replied, sticking out his lower lip. I chuckled as I leaned forward and nipped it quickly. "Or some way to make you a zombie that doesn't eat brains."
    "Alright, no more late night horror movies for Ryder," Luc snickered before getting serious. "Is this what you really want, Spencer?"
    "Yeah, I would feel better knowing you were taken care of," I answered, quick to finish when I saw the evil look Ryder was giving me. "But I'm not going anywhere, so really it's just a formality. And I have something else for Ryder."
    "Me?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at me as he wiggled his hips on my lap. "Should I get naked now or are we relocating before you fuck me?"
    "Dirty, dirty hot man." I hissed as my cock got hard. "No, it's not about sex. Remember when we moved here and you were talking about maybe continuing with school after you get your GED?"
    "Of course, I wanted to know what degree would be best to help me know how to run or work for a charity organization," he replied, his eyebrows drawing together.
    "Well, we're in the last quarter of the year and this is normally when I start figuring out what charities to donate some of the company's profits to," I explained, smiling at him like a loon. "I thought maybe you'd like to get your feet wet in that charity work and help me figure out where to donate it."
    "You trust me to do that?" Ryder gasped, his eyes going wide like saucers. "Spencer, I don't know anything about this stuff."
    "We've got a couple of months to decide," I replied gently. "It's only the beginning of October; I have until the end of December to donate so it counts for this year's taxes. You can do some research in between your studies, figure out which ones you like and tell me. Then I can run them past my business
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