Caramel Kisses

Caramel Kisses Read Online Free PDF

Book: Caramel Kisses Read Online Free PDF
Author: T.J. Michaels
prolong their time together by any means necessary. Shaking his head at himself, Drew squashed down all the baser emotions the woman brought out of him. One moment he wanted to pamper her, the next he wanted nothing more than to touch her from her scalp clear down to her knees. He could see himself enjoying everything with her—a dumb B-movie, hot sweaty sex, a walk in the park, hot sweaty sex, or sitting in silence reading a book together, followed by…hot sweaty sex. Jesus, she’d turned him into a teenager eager to get his first taste of pussy!
    A waiter cleared their dishes and dropped off a couple of slices of creamy cheesecake and a carafe of coffee. Drew poured Sydni a steaming cup. She eyed him like a snake in the grass, as if he’d bite when she least expected it. It was the same look she pinned him with when he’d opened the restaurant door for her, and again when he pulled out her chair. So he smiled and said, “Yes, I pour coffee, pull out chairs and open doors.”
    She tilted her head, but didn’t say anything.
    “I like to pamper the woman I’m with.” Sliding the small container of cream her way, Drew watched Sydni stir her coffee while she watched him right back. She’d been having such a good time too. Almost seemed to be comfortable with him. Yet, something as simple as pouring her coffee put her right back on guard? What the hell kind of idiots had Sydni Cannes been out with where being nice put her back up?
    Time to change the subject.
    “Do you like board games, Sydni ? Or any kind of games at all?”
    “Believe it or not, I’m awesome at chess. As for other games, hmm…?” She tapped her chin, eyes focused upward while she thought. God, he could practically hear the gears grinding as she seriously considered the subject. In the seconds that followed Drew set a new target for himself – see to it that Sydni had more fun. If she had to think this hard about the kind of things she enjoyed, she obviously didn’t do them enough.
    Finally she said, “Well, I like movie trivia.”
    “Really? So do I . And since I have a thing for movies and beautiful black women…” With a deliberate pause, Drew let his gaze travel over her lovely features, then continued. “Let’s try this on for size.” Drew almost spewed his coffee at the utter shock that sent her chin toward the table as her mouth fell open. Okay, she needed more fun and more brash, blunt, straight up flirting. No problem. “You ready?”
    She nodded with a still somewhat dazed expression. So he pushed on.
    “ Eartha Kitt .” The tilt of Sydni’s mouth and the glimmer of approval in her eyes said that she knew exactly who he was talking about. Eartha Kitt was still well known for her Catwoman purr, her flawless cinnamon skin and saucy attitude. “I don’t think there’s any early film star as sexy as Eartha Kitt . That woman used to give Batman a run for his money.”
    Drew took a bite of cheesecake. It was thick, creamy, delicious . He wondered if Sydni would taste just as sweet on his tongue. Her smooth flawless skin certainly reminded him of coffee and cream. Or maybe chocolate mousse ice cream. With Hershey nipples, er, Hershey Kisses. It was just enough to send a rush of blood streaking south until he had to fight the urge to adjust himself underneath the table.
    “Did you know that Eartha Kitt played Catwoman in the Batman TV series between 1966 and 1968, but Lee Meriweather played the character in the movie of 1966?” he asked.
    “Not even,” Sydni retorted with a dismissive wave of her fork. “Everyone knows Eartha Kitt was the Catwoman of the 1960s. And that includes the movie. Nobody could purr like her.”
    “ Wanna bet on it?”
    The woman snorted, then chuckled. “I don’t do bets, Drew.”
    Sydni might not do bets, but god he sure wanted to do her . The more time in her presence the hornier he got. And it wasn’t just sex appeal. Sydni got to him on every level.
    “I happen to be a total movie trivia
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