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were saying, but she recognized Liam’s voice — followed by Hank and Del’s.
    Bethany shook her head. How miserable it would be to have to stay with someone like that! Why couldn’t the guy just enjoy his trip?
    She turned at the slap of the screen door behind her and saw Malia standing there with a sleepy but startled look.
    â€œWhat is going on over there?”
    â€œI don’t know,” Bethany answered with a frown as she quickly finished her stretching and stood up. She smiled wryly at her friend. “I just keep telling myself ‘God works in all things.’ ”
    Malia nodded thoughtfully. “Remember when we first met Jenna? We didn’t know her story. I wasn’t so sure how that was going to work out —but God was.”
    â€œThat’s so weird that you said that; when we first got here, I thought of Jenna and everything that happened with her! I couldn’t see how great she was because of how she acted with her mom.”
    Malia grinned. “Two peas . . .”
    â€œOne pod.” Bethany finished, with a grin of her own. “Now, hurry and stretch so we can go get some breakfast!”
    Breakfast was laid out for them buffet style in the dining room. Bethany and Malia stood next to each other and surveyed their choices: eggs, sausage, bacon, fruit, bread, and yogurt.
    â€œI can’t make up my mind,” Malia said. “Everything looks so good.”
    â€œYeah,” Bethany nodded. “Maybe we should just go with the fruit and yogurt this morning, so we don’t bog down when we’re surfing.”
    Tim came up behind the girls, his plate filled to the brim with eggs, bacon, and sausage.
    â€œHello, clogged arteries,” he joked as he piled on the toast and butter. Bethany turned up her nose at him.
    â€œI used to eat just like you, Tim,” their dad said, looking up from the coffee cart. “If I tried to do that now I would weigh half a ton.”
    â€œDon’t worry, Dad, I’ll make up for you!” Tim said as everyone laughed.
    The family gathered together at a table and, as was their habit, bowed their heads and blessed their food. When they lifted their heads, Bethany saw Liam and his cousins had entered the dining room just in time to view them praying. Liam rolled his eyes to his cousin as if to say, “Check out this goofy bunch.”
    Bethany felt Malia’s hand on her arm and knew without Malia saying anything that she was telling her to remember their conversation back at the fale.
    Even though Bethany wanted to say something, she was trying hard to keep her temper in check and remember the good that had come of what had been an uncomfortable situation with Jenna.
    God, you are going to have to help me with this, she prayed silently.
    â€œBoat leaves in ten minutes!” Clint said. The girls watched Liam and his cousins scramble for food as the Hamilton clan left to get their boards.
    Within minutes, the boat dock was crowded with surfers and surfboards.
    Liam strolled by the girls slowly, purposely eyeing Malia’s surfboard. Unlike the boards of many sponsored surfers, it was clean of all logos but that of its makers.
    â€œHow much did you have to pay for that?” he asked condescendingly. He acted as if Bethany wasn’t there at all.
    â€œI don’t know,” Malia shrugged. “It was a birthday gift.”
    â€œI get mine free,” Liam said. “As many as I want. If I break one, I just call my sponsor and get another.”
    Bethany noticed the word sponsor was emphasized. She rolled her eyes.
    â€œThat’s nice,” Malia said, glancing at Bethany. “Bethany’s sponsored too.”
    â€œOnly because she was made famous by a shark,” Liam said with a nasty smile.
    Okay, that’s it, Bethany thought, gritting her teeth. I’m going to . . .
    â€œShe was sponsored before that!” Malia shot back.
    â€œLoad ’em up,” came
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