Bound by The Moon (The Bound Series Book 2)

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Book: Bound by The Moon (The Bound Series Book 2) Read Online Free PDF
Author: JF Holland
sighed running a hand over his close cropped curls. "Bastard had had even scent marked the tree, then raked the lower stump too. There was also signs of torn up vegetation, and a dead troll, Larry Smith. He'd had his head crushed and heart removed, so you'll need to do clean up there too," he told Helena. "I'd say he's well and truly pissed off now. A dangerous thing for a rogue. We now need to be extra vigilant, especially over tonight."
    "I need to call it off. I will not put Maya's life in danger," Jaden said, then frowning he looked towards Sam.
    "A troll, what the hell is a troll, those things in children's stories?" Sam grinned at Jaden's confusion.
    "No. They are just people, smaller than average, and a little thicker set. Hard to describe really. The tallest is around three feet. If anyone passed them on the street, they'd just assume they had a form of dwarfism. The only difference being, they are perpetually grumpy and obnoxious. They aren't what you would class as friendly, and are definitely not good at mixing or socialising. They never have a good word to say about anybody, ever. Oh, and the women and men are really hard to tell apart, as they all have facial hair. The only difference being the women have breasts, albeit tiny. They tend to stay in the wilds, and stick to their own kind. If they do come into town they tend to fixate on certain people. They do look after the land, and occasionally they do gardening. Pretty reasonable rates too, for garden maintenance," Sam added. His mouth snapped closed, when Helena hissed at him, for getting off the subject at hand.
    "Right I'll sort that little problem out for you later, but can we get back to the matter at hand?" she asked him, turning her attention to Jaden. "As for you, you will not back out of this ceremony," he went to open his mouth but she held up a hand. "No, my daughter has lost enough people in her life. If she's decided you are what she wants, then you will damn well honour your word." Jaden shook his head, and Helen slammed her hands on the table in agitation, staring him down. Sam moved up behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders.
    "Maya isn't the only one now in danger Helena, he now knows for sure that you are here also." Sam informed her quietly, and she snorted. He carried on regardless, needing her to understand the danger she was in. "He's also seen your party trick, so he'll be on his guard when he approaches you. Which means, you too now need guarding I'm afraid," he finished apologetically.
    Helena turned her head, looking at him over her shoulder. Holding eye contact, she picked her up her cup, taking a sip while she still watched him.
    "Do I look like I can't defend myself?" she asked, watching his eyes, follow the movement as she lowered the cup from her lips. She then took hold of his left hand, and his breath hitched. Smiling seductively at him, she flipped him over her shoulder.
    Sam landed, flat on his back in the middle of the kitchen table. The impact scattering the cups in every direction. Everyone jumped up from their seats, as cups flew about, spilling tea. It flowed across the table, trickling onto the floor. Sam lay there like a tortoise, floundering and blinking, as he wondered what had happened. Jaden grinned down at him, then leaned over and whispered.
    "Still think she's hot?"
    "Too right," Sam grinned. Shaking his head to clear it, as he took hold of the hand Jaden offered him. He sat upright, and Jaden shook his head at how pathetic he was, while he got a tea towel. He then began mopping up the spilled liquid, as Sam clambered off the table.
    Sam pinned Helena with his startlingly, light aquamarine gazes. As he moved, his eyes seemed to glow as he stared heatedly into her own.
    "You do realise I'm going to retaliate for that don't you?" Helena just smirked, then primly sat back down at the table. She calmly took a sip of her tea. Out of the cup she'd managed to keep hold of, as she'd flipped him.
    "Can't wait," she
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