Born of Treasure (Treasure Chronicles Book 2)

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Book: Born of Treasure (Treasure Chronicles Book 2) Read Online Free PDF
Author: Jordan Elizabeth
couldn’t pretend the captain was just gruff.
    “Son.” Garth laid his hand on the stack of papers on his desk. “Alyssa has been here for five weeks now. You spend every moment you aren’t working at her side, and she hasn’t made a move to return to her home.”
    “She’s grieving.” The conversation didn’t have to do with Alyssa. The captain took priority.
    “If you have intentions toward her, make them clear. Nothing will change.” Garth closed his eyes. “Take a trip around Hedlund. See things you’ve never looked at.”
    “You want us to travel with Clark and
?” The last thing he wanted was to stop at every store while Amethyst fawned over the newest style of gloves. Clark had to be a prince to put up with her.
    “Take your own trip. Take Alyssa to the east. Neither of you have been there.”
    “I’ve never wanted to go east. Father, I have work to do here.”
    Garth laughed. “You think I don’t know how to run my own ranch?”
    “Bloody gears!” Jeremiah slammed his fist into the desk. “What about Captain Greenwood?”
    The office door opened and the captain barreled inside, as if he’d been eavesdropping for an opportunity.
    He should’ve knocked. Jeremiah folded his arms to keep from punching the idiot.
    “Captain Greenwood.” Garth folded his hands on his desk. “I thought you were in the parlor with Zachariah and the ladies. Alyssa loves charades.”
    “What are you doing for Hedlund Day?” the captain asked, as if no question had been posed.
    “Hedlund Day is two weekends away,” Jeremiah growled. “That shouldn’t have to do with charades.” He pictured Alyssa’s hurt face when the captain didn’t want to play her game, and he wanted to punch him anew. Jeremiah usually got the Bromis to play late into the night, until Alyssa was tired enough to seek her bed.
    “Hedlund Day celebrates the founding of the territory,” Captain Greenwood exclaimed. “It’s a national holiday.”
    “Only in Hedlund.” Garth cleared his throat. “We do the same each year. Families enjoy a picnic in town, and at night, each ranch shoots fireworks. Those who can’t afford their own, or live in town, visit a ranch for the night.”
    “We’ll have a celebration here.” Captain Greenwood had that grin again that made Jeremiah grind his teeth. “It will be a huge party. Your wife will love organizing it. Women adore that sort of thing. Invite Clark.”
    Garth stared without an expression. Would his father agree?
    “You have no right telling us what to do. You’re a guest,” Jeremiah said.
    “A party will be perfect,” the captain raved. “I’ll invite other army men. Zachariah will love mingling with his superiors and he may make connections to further his career in the army.”
    Could that be a bribe?
    “Clark will feel more at home,” the captain continued. “You can afford it, Treasure.”
    Another breech of manners—money should never be discussed except in private by family members.
    “Make sure Clark comes,” Captain Greenwood said. “I’d love to meet the newest Treasure.”
    Thunder rumbled outside.

    “How nice that it will rain.” Alyssa leaned against the second-floor wrap-around porch of the ranch house. Wind arose, tugging at her chignon. Amethyst would’ve pulled out her hair pins and shook her head to make curls bounce everywhere. Jeremiah grinned. Alyssa knew how to be a proper ranch lady.
    Jeremiah dropped his leather traveling bag onto his bed and popped the brass latch open. “When it rains here, it pours. There will be flooding.”
    “That’s the same as at home in Eastern Hedlund.” She cupped her hand and held it out to catch the first droplets that fell from the night sky. “I love to sleep with the sound of rain on the roof.”
    I’d love to sleep with you.
Jeremiah coughed. “You can pack fast, right?”
    She leaned her back against the railing to face him through the door leading from the balcony into his bedroom. “Yes. I
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