The Weapon Bearer (Book 1)

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Book: The Weapon Bearer (Book 1) Read Online Free PDF
Author: Aaron Thomas
Tags: Fantasy, epic fantasy, sci fantasy, sci-fa, Weapon bearer, Aaron Thomas
list. “If you have any gifts you wish to send with your volunteer you may present them now.” The stable master, Daniel’s father, Dean Peter walked up to the stage with a large stallion with a saddle.
    “I’ve put grain and water skins in for you as your father asked. This is his present to you.” Chit nodded at his father but didn’t say thank you. Twilix bunched her eyebrows in confusion and then wrote something on her register next to his name.
    Through the crowd Kilen saw his mother pressing towards the stage. He wondered what kind of gift that she could present Chit that would be of some help in the next year. She got to the top of the stage and presented the leather bound pouch that held his father’s sword. His mind raced as he screamed inside, She can’t give him that its dad’s . He tried to calm himself and gave the excuse that maybe she replaced it with a cheaper sword off the peddler. Chit un-wrapped the leather binding to reveal the sword, turned it in his hand, and strapped it on as if it was just another toy. That was exactly what the sword looked like, a toy and oddly out of place. “Any more gifts for Chit?” Twilix yelled out. No one stepped forward to offer any gifts. No wonder with the appreciation he had given out. Twilix turned to Chit, “Well hurry along, get going.” She didn’t even let him finish mounting his new horse before shouting orders at Chit. “You go straight to your king and report to the captain of the guard for duty. Don’t stop to drink ale. don’t stop to doddle with a girl. If I catch up to you on my way back to the castle, you will report to me every day for hard labor until I’m satisfied you can follow orders better. You have a horse which is more than others. If you should find others on their way to the King, help them.” He had finished mounting his horse and arranging himself then looked up at the wizard. “GO!!” she shouted, not letting him revel in any honor. The whole town watched him run the workhorse out of town.
    After he was gone Twilix wasted no time, she mounted her own horse waved to everyone. The fog came faster this time clinging to the wizard. The sound of her horse running on the towns cobble streets was the only sound they heard. Kilen could barely see his hands when he held them in front of his face. The fog lifted as quickly as it had come, and she was gone. Chit was gone too, with his father’s sword.
    The mayor didn’t miss the opportunity to strike up the local musicians. The dancing started in an area set aside for a large group of people. Kilen was thanked left and right for his donation to the town. He was also questioned three more times about the deer he had surprise attacked out of a bush; No, jumped out of a tree on top of; No, lured him into a cave just to block the entrance and wrestle it. His mind was focused on getting to the dance floor where he could talk to his mother. His body moved with stiffness, still not use to its own weight, as if he had lived his entire life being lighter than a feather. He only had the ring on for a few moments but it was enough that his body seemed foreign. Kilen walked to the middle of the dance floor and turned around in circles, looking for his mother. His mood must have shown on his face, Several girls came to dance and turned around with the short look he gave them. Then he saw her, she smiled at him when she approached. “No one will dance with you with a look like that on your face, not even if you talk sweetly to them.”
    “Why did you give Chit the sword? You know how I hate him. My father’s sword will be forever tainted by his hand. He will probably sell it off at the first chance.” He spat the words at her. He had never been so mad at her in his entire life. “You didn’t even give me a chance to protect it and honor it until dad could return. What if dad has need of it?” The dance area had become quiet because of Kilen’s shouting at his mother. He looked around
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