Powerless (Book 1): Powerless

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Book: Powerless (Book 1): Powerless Read Online Free PDF
Author: Niall McCreanor
Tags: Science Fiction | Superpowers
bear, while Tom hopped into the front.
    They were heading home when Philip pulled the car into a gas station to buy some things. The boys thought they were in for a treat when their Dad arrived back with seven large boxes of cereal, something he would never ordinarily allow them to have. When they arrived home Philip sent the boys into the house. Staying behind in the garage, they could hear him tearing the boxes open and pouring the cereal out.
    The boys waited by the door and their curiosity spiked. Philip called out, “Lee,” and the two boys entered. Philip looked up at them coming in the door.
    “Now Lee, have a look at this…” revealing a large glass vase full to the top with a mixture of the different cereals. “Lee, how much is in the vase?” 
    He automatically looked to Tom for his input, but before his eyes met Tom’s, Philip interrupted him.
    “Lee, take your time and tell me what you think.”
    He stared at the container and after a moment he stated, “Eight thousand, six hundred and twelve.”
    Philip’s mouth curved with a smile. “Right, now boys, time for bed.” They did as their father asked and they left the room. Philip waited for them to go and then set about counting the contents of the container.
    Lee and Tom lay in their beds chatting about what had happened. Lee was hopeful, asking Tom, “What do you think? Do you think I was right?”
    “I don’t know, Lee,” Tom replied. “I suppose we will find out tomorrow.”
    After all the excitement of the day the boys soon fell asleep. When they awoke they both ran downstairs to find a very tired Philip at the kitchen table sitting over a coffee. Looking at their father without saying anything he could read the question in Lee’s eyes and all he said was, “Not even close.” He laughed to himself at the ludicrousness of the test he had just performed.
    Lee’s heart broke as he felt pulled back out of a world he wanted to be accepted into. Sadness set in as he sat thinking he would never have an answer to the question. Philip was surprised by this, seeing the sadness in his little son and decided enough was enough. He could not subtly test him anymore, as his son was becoming aware that he was different. He could no longer waste time taking him to the hospital where he worked and running a barrage of tests to determine if there was anything wrong with his son. All the tests had come back normal. He was a normal happy twelve year old boy, but with one big difference. In a world where the norm is to be different, being less than normal was too hard for a boy of his age to comprehend and deal with.
    Philip determined that it would be best for Lee and Tom if no one found out that Lee was different, all the while hoping that Lee was just a late developer. Philip was afraid that if anyone found out that Lee had no ability he would be taken away from him and barbaric experiments would be performed on him. The same experiments that the governments of the past were guilty of. Afraid that his son would be hailed as a missing link from this time to a world that had long passed, he decided to protect his boys. He would have to put a plan into action.
    Given Philip’s background he was in a position where he could impart onto his sons the skills and lessons his father taught him all those years ago. So from the time Lee was twelve his father trained him ; having super strength was a bonus. He started Lee on a fitness routine that he would stick with for the majority of his life, involving daily runs of five miles, two hundred press ups each morning and night, accompanied by the very healthy diet he had always instilled, being a doctor. He trained him to become a skilful fighter through many ancient arts of combat. Most importantly, he instilled the values of what he felt it meant to be a man; the values of honour, discipline, dignity, selflessness and self-reliance.
    His brother Tom developed strength just like his father, so physically he didn’t
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