Blackmailing the Virgin (Alexa Riley Promises #2)

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Book: Blackmailing the Virgin (Alexa Riley Promises #2) Read Online Free PDF
Author: Alexa Riley
and lick between her breasts, tasting her sweet skin. “I don’t want it to end.”
    Her fingers come up and tangle in my hair as she smiles up at me. “How many drinks did it take you to get up here?” she asks, a knowing smirk playing on her lips.
    “I’ve never needed that kind of courage before, but you bring me to my knees.”
    I take her mouth again and reach between us, feeling her damp panties. She’s soaked through them, and I can’t wait any longer.
    Her taste, her scent, the feel of her is all too much. I should take my time, eat her pussy, which I know is going to taste like heaven. Suck her nipples, which I know will feel like silk in my mouth. But right now, I just need to be inside her. I have to wrap that little cunt around my cock and cum in her before I die from hunger.
    Not wanting to stop kissing her, I reach between us and push her panties to the side. Just enough to expose the part I need to sink into and give us what we need. I can feel it building in our bodies, this strong urge to connect. It’s like I have to get my cock in her before something happens and this fantasy all goes up in smoke.
    Pressing my dripping cock to her wet opening, I slide against her in a teasing motion, slipping away from where I want to go. Moving her panties a little more, I push in, and this time thrust fully into her heated pussy. The sticky sweet cream coating her helps me glide my cock all the way to the root.
    I start thrusting, feeling her pussy squeezing the life out of me. But she’s so fucking wet and ready that my dick is slicker than it’s ever been. Her mouth opens for me, and I sweep my tongue in again, swallowing her moans and tasting her desire. She’s clinging to me as I ride her hard, fucking in and out of her tight body. Her thick curves under me welcome my thrusts, and her big soft breasts rub against my chest.
    This is the single greatest feeling I’ve ever had in my life. It’s as if our connection is one long orgasm—no build-up, no tease, just one intense climax. She’s so perfect under me. It’s exactly how I pictured it, only better. She’s more beautiful than I imagined and so much fucking sweeter.
    It’s then I feel the orgasm building in my balls, and I want it to stop. I’m not ready to cum yet. I grit my teeth as I feel the ripples in her pussy that tell me she’s on her way to climax. She’s going to cum, and it’s going to shatter me, because I’ll have no choice but to follow her into paradise.
    She breaks the kiss, throwing her head back, and I have a split second of clarity as I throw my hand over her mouth to muffle her cries of pleasure. She cums loud and hard all over my cock, and I grit my teeth in perfect agony as I cum with her.
    I hold myself inside her, spilling my hot seed into her body. There’s no other place for my cum but her pussy, and I never once have the thought of pulling out.
    “So beautiful, sweetheart. So fucking beautiful,” I whisper, resting my forehead on her chest. “I like that you don’t play for everyone. That your music is just for who you choose.”
    I feel my hand fall away, and I start to drift into some kind of pleasure-filled coma. All the desire from the past weeks have finally caught up with me, and my body feels sated for the first time.
    I try not to collapse on top of her, but I’m not sure if I make it off her as I’m out before my head hits the pillow.
    Any dream I have of her will be nothing compared to what we just shared. No dream could touch the perfection of what I just experienced, and I hope when I wake up I remember to tell her exactly that.

Chapter Five
    I wake to a sweet ache between my legs and the previous night playing through my mind. A delicious smile spreads across my face. If not for the ache, I’d think it was a dream. One I’d had many times before. Absently, I reach for Calder but come up with nothing. His body is no longer wrapped around mine.
    Slowly opening my eyes, the morning light
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